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A beautiful pool and pool area is one of the main attractions for enjoying your holiday experience. 

Acabanes has a large, private, secluded pool area with hedges on three sides for privacy. The fourth side is bordered by olive trees & palm trees and the Lavender and Green bedroom terraces.

There is a large terraced area with lots of sun loungers and large shade protection.


The view from the pool area is over the rolling countryside.

Acabanes is one of a small number of Dordogne pools that are heated, lit and covered to allow swimming 24 hours a day from Easter to early November.

Our Easter guests are the first

of the season to enjoy the pool with a guaranteed minimum temperature of 24 degrees c. The pool is then continually heated until mid November. Temperatures in the summer regularly reach 30 degrees which is perfect for infants and small children. 

The heated pool ensures that you can book your holiday at any time of the year, safe in the knowledge that you will be able to swim daily in warm water.

Pool Cover 

The pool has a retractable cover, which has many benefits.

Firstly, it helps keep the pool warm as it acts like a green house.

Secondly, it keeps the water crystal clear as it keeps unwanted leaves and debris from falling in.

Thirdly, it acts as a pool safety feature as the door at the high end is lockable. The pool cover is not able to be retracted by small children.

You have the choice of swimming with the cover on or off.

To swim with the cover on unlock the door at the high end and enter the water.

To swim with the cover off, it just needs one adult at each side on the low end and is pushed back gently and evenly to the very end. This takes under 8 seconds!

The pool is illuminated for night swimming

Baby Swimming Class
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