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There are extensive infant facilities & equipment for our guests at Acabanes.

The majority of the equipment can be found in the two green storage boxes in the sitting room. The buggy and pram are in cupboards in the Gym room. The gym is the 3rd door on the left as you approach from the green gate. 

Everything is complimentary and all we ask is for our guests to clean and sanitise everything that they borrow, ready for our next guests. 

Travel cots - we provide the travel cot and thick mattress plus a fitted sheet. Although there are a few blankets we recommend that you bring your own top sheet and blanket or heat regulated sleeping bag.

Please dismantle travel cots and buggys.

Stored on the landing;

John Lewis White wooden cot and thick mattress 60 x 120

2 travel cots with thick mattresses 100 x 70 cm 

Mamas & Papas wooden cot with thick mattress permanently located in Rose Suite childrens room 130x60cm

  • 4 dining chair booster seats

  • 2 car booster seats

  • 1 buggy with rain gear

  • 1 pram 

  • 1 play pen

  • 1 baby bouncing chair

  • 1 play mat

  • 1 baby bath

  • 2 nappy bins with bags

  • 4 bath mats

  • 2 changing mats and Terry towering covers

  • 4 toilet steps

  • 4 pottys

  • 4 toilet seats

  • 3 Mamas & Papas Baby Bud booster stage 3 booster seats/ high chairs

  • Avent Electric sterliser

  • Baby monitor

  • Bottle & food warmer

  • 2 Boxes of toys in wicker chests in the sitting room

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