Do I need to arrange additional caretaking services in advance 

This is very important and will need to be arranged at least 3 months before your holiday to enable the caretakers to plan their work diaries.

Do I need to arrange a taxi in advance from the airport?

This is recommended as it is a small airport and taxis are not always available. See "Travel."

What if I have a fake tan?  

Bed linen and fake tans do not mix! We will need to charge guests for stained linen and towels.

Do I recycle? 

Glass bottles must be recycled in the bottle banks in the villages. Acabanes nearest glass recycling is in the tiny village of Thenac at the top of the hill near the Mairie. Plastic and tin can be placed in the black sacks in general rubbish for the wheelie bins.

Can I visit the other LDV villa during my stay? 

Contact Tracey for details. They are only 10 minutes apart and a visit is encouraged as the two villas are very different, but are equipped and maintained to the same standards.

Can I use post codes in the Sat Nav to locate the holiday villas?

No, this does not work in rural France as the post code covers a very large area. Please use the information in "Directions" to find Acabanes and La Grange.

What time can I arrive?  

After 5:30pm. The caretakers finish at this time and your holiday home will be ready for you then. Your key will be posted to you two weeks before your holiday.



What if I arrive in the dark?  

A torch is recommended for your rural French holiday as due to very little light pollution, it is very dark when it’s dark! If you are planning to arrive in the dark then please let Tracey know to ensure you have all the information you need regarding directions.

What time should I depart?

9:00 am. The 3 ladies need to work on the house from 9:00 to 5:30pm to ensure the house is beautiful for the next guests.

Are late checkouts possible?

This is only possible out of season.

How should I leave the house?  

Full details in "House Information". Please read carefully as it affects the return of your security deposit.

What sort of insects and animals can I expect to encounter on my holiday?  

Full list in "House Information"

Is the WIFI as good as being in a city?  

It is improving all the time and we have the best packages available, however, it is much slower than you may be used to in a city. Please do not download films or huge files as it will affect the wifi for other guests. It is common for the signal to drop out and when this happens take a photo of the position of the leads in the modem, then pull the leads out and leave for 10 mins and then replace them and wait for it to reboot.

Can I wear suntan lotion in the pool? 

We ask our guests to shower before as it affects the ph levels and also marks the liners.

How to keep the house cool in hot weather?

Keep all the doors, windows and most importantly shutters firmly shut from 10am to 9pm. When it cools down after about 9pm open all the shutters and doors and let the cool evening air flow through the house for as long as possible. Do the same thing early morning until about 10am. 

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